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Canada's Huggable Car Dealer 

What would happen to your business if 
you created a 'CATEGORY OF ONE'?
Learn how Huggable University can 
DIFFERENTIATE your Business & ACCELERATE your Growth.
How does Huggable U work? 
Seeing is Believing!

(Watch These Short Videos To See why your business needs to become Huggable)
Huggable University helps Entrepreneurs & their Teams attain unusual levels of clarity so they can:

  • Master 5 Key Disciplines required to flourish in the online world. 
  • Accelerate Business Growth and build long-term equity. 
  • Achieve substantial Differentiation & Relevance. 
  • Emerge as an undisputed 'Category of One'.
  • Get everyone on the same 'brand building' page.
  • Create a Legacy that will endure for decades.
One of Canada’s Greatest Small Business Success Stories...

Canada's Huggable Car Dealer originates from the middle of nowhere in the most unlikely category you can imagine. Jim and Dawna Gilbert defied conventional wisdom, rejected the stereotypes of their category and became world-famous from the middle of nowhere Canada. Founders of a small, family-owned business, they have become undisputed leaders in their industry.

Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals has emerged as the #1 Independent Used Car Dealer in Atlantic Canada. They have been profiled in many business books; achieved phenomenal growth (the business grew more than 20-fold over a 5-year period) and serves as a shining example for business owners that anyone can take on the big boys and win!

A Message From Jim & Gair

At Huggable University we share a proven framework that drives game-changing business and personal success.

Here's What You'll Get...
An Exclusive Membership
  • The first Wednesday of each month you get access to a new video. Watch that video at your own pace, pausing, taking notes and let it all sink in.
  • Mid-month you will have access to a Q&A video to answer your most pressing questions. 
  • Each monthly video has its own downloadable Huggable Action workbook. This workbook is designed to challenge your ‘norms’ and get those wheels of creativity flowing.
  • A secure membership site with your private username/password is included. 
  • Join The Huggable Facebook Group. Everyone has an opportunity to encourage one another, celebrate achievement & share new ideas.
  • There is no risk. You can unsubscribe at anytime. 

We want you to begin the Huggable journey the moment you finish the first video. Each month you will have a specific tool to use. 

Our Philosophy?

One Month. One Tool. One Action.

A Few Words of Huggable Wisdom!

First Thing to Remember

Becoming Huggable doesn't happen overnight. It will require you to discover and own your 'Huggable Story'.  This process will challenge your traditional 'marketing' perspectives. 

Second Thing to Remember

Hard work is required... but then you already knew this. You're not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting a little bit dirty. After all, you are an entrepreneur who knows the value of a good, old fashioned work ethic. 

Third Thing to Remember

Some won't get it.  It doesn't matter.  Find the ones that will and build a team that is excited to move into the new world and slay traditional marketing dragons. 

The Investment?

$97/month USD

Start Date: Valentines Day - Feb 14, 2017 

Cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.

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